Local Celebrity basketball Game To Feed The Homeless:

Game Date:Nov 20th, 2013

Time: 6pm to 9 pm

Location: 4747 Paeso blvd.
Dinner: Nov 27th, 2013

Time: 4pm until 7pm

Location: 3801 Brush Creek Blvd.
To Whom It May Concern,

Unfortunately  homelessness is a major problem in the United States and sadly here in Kansas City we’re not protected form this plague of  poverty with one fourth of the homeless being children . I’m writing you, in hopes that you will be able to help me help others. On November 20th  we’re hosting a celebrity basketball game to raise money and collect donations so we can provide a free Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless. My purpose in contacting you is to humbly ask for your contribution either monetarily or in tangible goods so that we can make this holiday dinner possible.

Last year were blessed to be able to feed over 1500 people!

Please contact at 816-651-0044 or my cell phone 816-679-1386

Game Time: 6 pm until 9pm (Pre-Game Show 6 until 7)
Location: Paseo High School, 4747 Paseo

Dinner: Bruch Creek Community Center 4pm until 7pm
Location: 3801 E. Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard
Representative Brandon R. Ellington
House of  Representatives
District 22